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In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the policies and procedures of the company (Cincinnati Restaurant Holidngs, LLC). I understand that in accepting this application, the company is in no way obligated to provide me with employment and that I am not obligated to accept employment if offered.

Furthermore, if employed, I understand that I am employed at will and that my employment and compensation can be terminated with or without reason, and with or without notice at any time.

I understand that this application will be kept on file for one year from the date completed, after which time I would have reapply in accordance with established company procedures.

I certify that the facts contained in this application are true and complete to the best of my knowledge. I undertand that any misrepresentation or falsification of information or significant omissions on either this application or during the pre-employment process will result in my application being rejected, or, may be cause for subsequent dismissal if I am hired.

I also understand that any offer of employment is conditiones on pre-employmnet procedures, wich may include a background check, tests, and documentation. I will, upon request, sign all necessary consent and athorization and release forms or will forfeit the emplyment opportunity. I voluntary and knowingly authorize the compnay and/ or its agents, to verify any aspect of the information contained in my employment application or through public and private sources.

I also authorize any third party organization to perform a consumer report and background investigation. I also authorizae and consent to any companies, schools, or persons listed on this application (and accompanying resume) to give any information regarding my employment, qualifications and character to the company. I understand that the employment information may include, but is not necessarily limited to, performance evaluation and reports, compensation information, job descriptions, diciplinary reports, letters of reprimand, and opinions regarding my suitablility for employment possessed by it.

I voluntarily and knowingly fully release and discharge, absolve, indemnify and hold harmless you, your agents and any former employer, person, firm, corporation, school or government agency, its officers, employees and agents from any and all claims, liability, demands, causes of action, damages, or costs, including attorney's fees, present or future, whether known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, arising from or incident to the disclosure or release of any such information to you, your agents for consumer reporting agency.

I understand that I may be required to take a drug test as a part of the application process, as a condition of employment or at any time during employment. I amy also be required to take and pass a physical exam if I am selected for employment and before beginning employment.

I have read and understand the contents of this employment application and am fully able competent to complete it.


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It is our sole desire that everything, and we mean everything, that arrives at your table at Prime Restaurants delights you. .

Note: To that end, we use only the finest, freshest ingredients, masterfully prepared in recipes designed to engage all of your senses..